Cúnla MacRae

Half-Elf Ranger


Favored classes* (Half-Elf gets two without penalty): Ranger / Unchained Rogue
(*extra hp per level [ranger] + *extra skill per level [unch. rogue])

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class/Level: Ranger (Lvl 4) / Unchained Rogue (Lvl 2)
Race: Half-Elf
Size: M
Gender: F (bi)
Age: 26
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 136 LBS
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

STR: 16 Mod: 3
DEX: 17 Mod: 3
CON: 16 Mod: 3
INT: 10 Mod: 0
WIS: 12 Mod: 1
CHA: 10 Mod: 0

AC: 18 (armor: 4) + shield (1) + dex mod (3) + size mod (0) + nat. arm (0) + defl (0) + misc (0)
Initiative: 3 (5 in forest terrain)
Speed: 30 ft.
HP: 45 DR: 0

+1 Long sword; attack bonus: 9 crit: 19-20/x2
Type: S Range: (melee) Dmg: 1d8(M) + 3 (str) +1 (magic sword)
Short sword; attack bonus: 8 crit: 19-20/x2
Type: P Range: (melee) Dmg: 1d6(M)
Heavy Crossbow + 50 bolts; attack bonus: 8
Type: P Range 120 ft Dmg: 1d10(M)
Spear; attack bonus: 8; crit: x3
Type: P Range: 20 ft Dmg: 1d8(M) + 3 (str)
Dagger: attack bonus: 8; crit: 19-20 x2
Type: P or S Range: (melee) Dmg: 1d4(M) + 3 (str)

Armor: Mithril shirt
Shield: Masterwork Buckler


Base Attack Bonus (BAB): 5
CMB: 7 CMD: 20

Skill focus (Handle animal) [Free to Half-Elf]
Self-sufficient (+2 to heal & survival checks)
Armor proficiency, Medium (combat) [Free to Ranger]
Hunters Bond (TBD)

Special Abilities:
(Ranger) Favored Enemy (FE): Humanoid (Goblinoid)
+2 to Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival Checks vs. (FE)
(Ranger) Track
Add half Ranger level (minimum 1) to Survival Skill checks made to follow tracks
(Ranger) Wild Empathy
Functions like Diplomacy check only with animals; 1d20 + Ranger Level + Charisma bonus to improve animal attitude
(Half-Elf) Low Light Vision: See x2 the distance of normal human in low light conditions.
(Half-Elf) Elf Blood
(Half-Elf) Elven immunities: immune to magic sleep spells, +2 on saving throw vs. enchantment spells & effects
(Half-Elf) Keen Senses: +2 to all Perception checks
(Lvl 2 Ranger) Two Weapon Fighting Style
(Rogue) Finesse training [short sword]
(Rogue) Sneak attack + 1d6/Lvl
(Rogue) Trapfinding
(Lvl 3 Ranger): Favored Terrain: Forest
(Lvl 3 Ranger): Endurance

Acrobatics: 6
Appraise: 1
Bluff: 1
Climb: 6
Disable Device: 7
Escape Artist: 6
Handle Animal: 7 {with Skill Focus}
Heal: 7
Intimidate: 1
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 1
Knowledge (Geography): 1 (3 in Forest terrain)
Knowledge (Nature): 4
Perception: 7 (9 in Forest terrain)
Ride: 6
Sense Motive: 2
Sleight of hand: 6
Spellcraft: 1
Stealth: 7 {9 in forests}
Swim: 6
Survival: 7 {9 in forests}
Use Magic Device: 1

Languages: Common, Elvish

Other gear:
Explorer’s outfit
Rope, hemp (50 ft)
Grappling hook
Fishing net (25 sq. ft)
Trail rations (2 week supply)
Military Saddle
2 Saddle bags

Cash: 1464 GP; 76 SP


Shoulder length straight red hair, flashing green eyes, short pointy ears…to undiscerning human eyes clouded by drink she might almost pass for a full Elf, except the freckles around her nose and cheeks belie her half-Human heritage (full Elves don’t have them, their skin is flawless). Abandoned by her Elvish mother, incompetently raised by her brutish human father (now deceased), Cúnla’s life hasn’t been an easy one. Her father was a retired adventurer who made his modest living doing leather-working for paying customers after a string of debilitating injuries not to mention becoming a father foreclosed on his career aspirations as an adventurer. He also tended bar part-time at the local tavern, where Cúnla also worked waiting tables in her adolescence, while learning leather-working in her father’s shop on the side. He was generally kind to Cúnla, and would regale young Cúnla with colorful, utterly inappropriate stories of his life as a professional fighting man, but he remained a womanizer and an affable drunkard and Cúnla learned from an early age not to rely on him for much, owing to his frequent absences. He wasn’t in the greatest of health, and was found stabbed to death in the alleyway behind the tavern, probably killed by the jealous husband of one of his lovers about town. His murder remains unsolved. At least he’d taught Cúnla how to swing a sword and defend herself. Her father’s estranged brother, Amon, Cúnla’s uncle, was (and is) an experienced Human Ranger who took Cúnla under his wing after her father’s death and trained her hard on the ways of being a Ranger. Cúnla wanted more from life than being a tavern wench, and her uncle got her started on her path before returning to his life on the road when he felt she was ready. She didn’t necessarily feel ready herself, and harbors some feelings of resentment that her rather mysterious human uncle abandoned her once her training was technically complete. Her uncle had been good at teaching skills, but remained emotionally distant during their time together.

Cúnla is socially awkward and her abnormal childhood left her bereft of proper socialization skills. By disposition she’s friendly and kind, but has alienated people and lost friends due to her social ineptitude, not to mention the racism of pure Elves and pure Humans alike towards her Half-Elf nature. Frankly, the more she’s been around people, the more she’s decided she prefers wildlife and solitude. With few exceptions Elves are stuck up pricks (only so many times you can tolerate being called a “Half-breed whore” and not start to take it personally, for example), while humans, at least in her walk of life, are boorish and uncouth and smell bad. Not fitting in seems her lot in life, but in a way, that sort of rootlessness is kind of liberating, too. It’s charming her dim father gave her an Elvish name…too bad he didn’t understand Cúnla [pronunciation: “KOON-Lah”, to human ears] is a boy’s name. Sigh. Well, she grew up tomboyish as hell anyway, and she’s enjoyed sleeping with girls as much as boys, so maybe dear ol’ Da was on to something after all. At least to Human ears, Cúnla sounds like a girl’s name, even if it makes Elves chuckle. And at least to the kinder, more open-minded humans who like Elves already, most find Cúnla equally attractive and don’t discriminate. She also feels a friendly disposition to the other major races, including Gnomes, Halflings, and even Dwarves, with whom she enjoys telling and hearing off-color jokes about pureblood Elves.

With her father dead, Cúnla has set off in search of her birth mother, Finnoula (“Nula”) Feysdottir, rumored to be an Elven mage of some renown. She had been an adventure party member with her father Angus MacRae, and Cúnla was conceived in some arctic hellscape where her father and mother holed up with each other for warmth and survival, one thing leading to another, etc. Her (human) uncle, Amon MacRae, a human ranger of some renown himself, had taught her well, given her the skills needed to survive. Amon never particularly liked Finnoula and doesn’t think Cúnla’s plan to reunite with her mother is wise, but he pointed Cúnla in the direction where she might find some clues to her current whereabouts.

Cúnla MacRae

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