This is pathfinders Rise of the Runelords  anniversary edition . To let everyone know for whatever reason your characters has they find themselves arriving at the town of Sandpoint right at the beginning of the Swallowtail festival. 


As as far as character creation goes I normally like using the rolling 4d6 and taking the highest of the three d6s six times I think his will give everyone the highest probability to get good character scores. If you would like to do the point buy that is find I will give 30 points for the buy and the table for the point buy can be core pathfinder book. 


Also if you would like you may choose up to two character traits from the advance players guide. One of the traits must be from the campaign traits found on pages 330-31. The other trait can be from any other list from the traits section. 


Also on there is a free players guide to rise of the runelords which outlines the regions setting.

Rise of the rune lords

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